Mount Hot Pools


Shop for the latest and greatest swimwear & gear with us.

At Mount Hot Pools, Baywave TECT Aquatic & Leisure Centre and Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre we have a fantastic range of Speedo chlorine resistant swim wear, as well as a great range of Speedo and Aqualine goggles for toddlers, children, adults and competitive swimmers.

See below for the range of swimming equipment and accessories we have available in store.

Swimming Range

  • Toys and Inflatables – Dive Sticks, Swim Rings, Arm Bands, Sit In Rings, Junior Kick Boards

  • To-Wel Ponchos – range of sizes and colours

  • Swim Nappies – Disposable and Reusable

  • Swimming Accessories –  A range of Speedo and Aqualine Ear Plugs, Nose Clips, Kick Boards
    Swimming Caps – A range of Speedo and Aqualine swimming caps, including silicone, lycra and polyester

  • Swimwear – A range of quality Speedo swimwear.  All ages, all sizes, all styles from babies and toddlers, to boys and girls, ladies and men’s.

Aqualine goggles:

  • Extreme

  • Faze

  • Funkies

  • Jellies

  • Metallix

  • Oracle

  • Podz

  • Rainbow

  • Slingshot

  • Tri Junior Mask

  • Tri Glide

  • Tri Kidz Mask

  • Vantage

Speedo goggles:

  • Adult Futura Biofuse

  • Adult Futura Biofuse Female

  • Adult Opal

  • Adult Opal Mirror

  • Adult Jet

  • Junior Futura Biofuse

  • Junior Opal Mirror

  • Junior Rift

  • Junior Sea Squad

  • Junior Skoogle


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